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Featured FUXI ® Paints

Metal corrosion comes in many forms. FUXI® protective coatings for the industry are formulated against such corrosion. Select your paint, or message us for information.

FUXI® anti-corrosive coatings come in several formulations to meet our customers' various needs. All FUXI® coatings provide superior protection, and different formulations allow you to choose the coating that is right for the environment in which you work.

The FUXI® formulation that is right for your project or workplace should be chosen based on the following factors:

  • UV exposure

  • Exposure to corrosive or harsh chemicals

  • Regulatory environment

  • VOC restrictions

  • Heat exposure

Types of FUXI ® Paints

How Featured FUXI ® Paints Are Made?

  • Raw material
    Raw material

    We strictly select raw material suppliers. Our raw materials are all from well-known international and domestic chemical companies, and the quality of raw materials is completely reliable.

  • Formulation

    We have a number of patent formulations, including high solid PU paint, water-based epoxy ester paint, solvent-free PU paint, one component acid resistant paint, ultra-high temperature resistant paint and so on.

  • Inspection and testing
    Inspection and testing

    We have fully equipped lab. We are capable to test the physical property and UV resistance, weather resistance, abrasion resistance, heat resistance, acid and alkali resistance and so on.

  • Quality and performance
    Quality and performance

    Our quality and product performance has been approved and accepted by customers in more than 50 countries.

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