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Topsides And Superstructures Paint

Types of Topsides And Superstructures Paint

Details of Topsides And Superstructures Paint

  • Engine room and pump room

    Engine room and pump room are important working places for ships, and the indoor temperature is relatively high. For the coatings above the iron plate, the corresponding low flame spread performance is required, and the alkyd coatings are mainly used. The topcoat color is mainly white, which can increase the brightness. Oil and water often accumulate below the iron plate, so the paint is required to have good oil resistance and water resistance. Generally, tar epoxy or light-colored modified epoxy paint is used.

  • Cabin

    The cabin is only under the insulating layer, and anti-rust paint is used under the lining to prevent the influence of condensation. In the past, asphalt paint was mostly used, but now modified alkyd paint or epoxy anti-rust paint is mostly used. In some working cabins, storage rooms, empty cabins, etc., alkyd paint is generally used, and epoxy high-performance paint can also be used. The floor of the battery room is required to have good alkali resistance, and epoxy paint is mostly used. Sanitation places require paint with better water resistance. The paint in the cabin is required to have a low flame spread performance and should have the corresponding certificate.

    Many galvanized parts on ships can be painted without primer and only with top paint. Oily and oil-modified alkyds and phenolics cannot be directly coated on the zinc surface. They can be sealed/connected with phosphating primer and zinc yellow primer, or they can be directly coated on the cleaned galvanized surface with epoxy paint of strong adhesion.

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