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Transport Paint

Road traffic marking paint is a special paint used in the transportation field to draw road traffic markings that guide the flow of cars and pedestrians. The colors of the markings are mainly white and yellow. The marking function of the various eye-catching markings drawn by the marking paint can regulate and guide the busy traffic and people flow, make them go their own way. Road traffic can proceed in an orderly manner, and increase the traffic flow and pedestrian safety.  Road traffic marking is one of the most basic, most economical and effective traffic safety facilities in road traffic management.

Types of Transport Paint

Features of Transport Paint

  • Performance requirements of Transport paint
    • The marking coating should have a distinct marking function.

    • Road coating should be reflective.

    • The non-stick tire drying time of the marking coating should be short.

    • Good adhesion to the road surface, durable wear and long service life

    • Good weather resistance

    • The marking coating must have a certain anti-skid ability

    • The hot-melt marking coating should have sufficient compressive strength

  • Types of traffic road marking paint
    • Hot-melt marking paint is made of thermoplastic resin as the main film-forming material, mixed with pigments, fillers, reflective materials, additives, and fully mixed to form solid granules. During construction, it needs to be heated to 180-220℃ to be liquid, and the coating is applied on the road with a hot-melt marking machine. Under natural environmental conditions, it will be cured into a film within 3 minutes by physically drying.

    • Solvent marking paint is made of resin (acrylic resin, alkyd resin, chlorinated rubber, etc.) with pigments, fillers, additives and solvents, dispersed and ground, and is made into a liquid state. During construction, the spray gun of the marking machine sprays the paint on the road surface at high pressure. Under natural environmental conditions, within 15 min, the solvent will volatilize and dry to form a coating film, by physically drying.

    • Water-based marking paint uses water as the dispersion medium, uses acrylic polymer emulsion to form a film, and is combined with pigments, fillers, additives, etc., and then forms a film through physical drying.

  • Selection of marking paint
    • The solid line of the expressway can use hot-melt spray type or two-component and water-based marking paint.  

    • The solid line of various roads and crosswalks can use the hot-melt reflective line coating.  

    • Curves and up and down ramps use anti-slip coatings in accident-prone areas. 

    • Use convex reflective markings on the edge of long straight roads, tunnels, bridges, expressways, and prohibited areas of highway entrances and exits.

    • Use reflective markers on roads without street lighting.  

    • The underground parking lot can use water-based and two-component marking paint that does not contain organic volatile solvents.

    • The old road surface should use the marking paint whose service life is equivalent to the road surface renovation time.

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