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Ballast Tank Paint

The ballast tank is a complex structure, the tank is dark and wet, and the working conditions are bad. The steel must be shot blasted to ISO Sa 2.5 and immediately painted with a suitable shop primer. Sandblasting is the most ideal method for the second time derusting of ballast tanks. If the conditions only allow power tools to derust, it is recommended to use sandpaper, because the rotating steel wire tends to polish the surface of the steel plate, which will affect the coating adhesion.

The frequently used ballast tank paint mainly uses light-colored pure epoxy resin paint and modified epoxy paint. The International Maritime IMO stipulates that the ballast tank coatings must be hard paint and light in color to facilitate construction and inspection.

Types of Ballast Tank Paint

There are two important performance indicators for ballast tank coatings

  • Service life

    The ballast tank coating should have a service life of 15 years. Because the ship is only repainted once in the 20-25 year life cycle, and the 5-10 year coating life will cause more than one repainting in the ship's life cycle.

  • Soluble salt content

    The soluble salt content is below 50mg/m2.

Features Of Ballast tank paint

  • It is widely used

    Epoxy coal tar paint has black and brown types. It is widely used, with good anti-corrosion effect and low cost

  • However, asphalt is harmful to humans

    However, asphalt is harmful to humans, and the black color affects quality inspection, and has strong covering power, making it difficult to judge the thickness of the coating.

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