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Hardware Paint

The most commonly used anti-corrosion protective coating for light industrial hardware accessories is baking enamel. The baking enamel is divided into low temperature baking enamel and high temperature baking enamel.

Types of Hardware Paint

Advantage oF Hardware paint

  • Non-stickiness

    The paint film is not easy to adhere to other substances.

  • Heat resistance

    The baking enamel film has excellent heat resistance and low-temperature resistance. It does not melt at high temperatures and does not become brittle at low temperatures.

  • Low friction

    Baking paint film has a low coefficient of friction.

  • Moisture resistance

    the surface of the baking paint film does not stick to water and grease.

    Wear resistance: with excellent wear resistance and non-sticking property under high load. Corrosion resistance: baking enamel can protect parts from chemical corrosion.

    Repairability, the coating is not easy to fall off and can be repaired without traces.

Base material of hardware baking paint

  • Substrates of the hardware baking enamel

    The substrates of the hardware baking enamel include cold rolled steel, galvanized steel, magnesium alloy, aluminum alloy, stainless steel, etc. The paint application process is basically the same. Pre-treat the substrate first, then dry it, apply the primer, and then bake, then apply the topcoat, bake, and inspect and complete.

  • Amino acrylic baking enamel

    Amino acrylic baking enamel is the most commonly used liquid baking enamel, aside from powder coating. It requires low baking temperature for drying, good color, high brightness, and very good hardness. It is widely used in light industrial hardware accessories, instrumentation, and automobile coating.

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