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Floor Paint

The self-leveling performance mentioned in the floor paint mainly refers to the top coat, the primer and the intermediate coat are the same as other floor types. The quality of self-leveling surface paint is the key to the appearance and working performance of epoxy self-leveling floor.

The construction of epoxy self-leveling floor top coat is mainly by the method of trowel scraping. The toothed side of the trowel gently drives the paint and make the paint level by itself. During construction, temperature, construction methods, and construction techniques directly affect the quality of epoxy self-leveling floor.

Types of Floor Paint

Classification of Floor Paint

  • Epoxy floor paint

    Usually composed of epoxy resin, solvent and curing agent, pigments, and additives. This type of paint contains many types of floor paint, such as solvent-free self-leveling floor paint and anti-corrosion floor paint, wear-resistant floor paint, anti-static floor paint and water-based floor paint, etc. Its main characteristics are strong adhesion to the cement base, resistance to water and other corrosive media, and very good film physical mechanics performance etc. It is suitable for various factories, repair yards, stadiums, parking lots, warehouses, shopping malls and other ground places.

  • Loadable floor paint

    This type of floor paint has high bonding strength with a concrete base, high tensile strength and hardness, and has good impact resistance, bearing capacity and abrasion resistance. It is suitable for floor coating in factories and warehouses that require heavy vehicles and forklifts to travel.

  • Polyurethane floor paint

    Polyether resin, acrylic resin or epoxy resin is used as the part A component. Due to the hardness of the coating film and the adhesion to the base layer, it is not as good as epoxy resin coatings, and its variety is less. It is mainly used as flexible floor paint and non-slip floor paint.

  • Anti-corrosion floor paint

    In addition to the various strength properties of load-bearing floor paint, it can also withstand the corrosive effects of various corrosive media. It is suitable for the coating of various chemical plants, sanitary material factories, etc.

  • Elastic floor paint

    It is made of elastic polyurethane, and the coating film has walking comfort due to its elasticity. It is suitable for all kinds of sports venues, public places and some factories and workshops.

  • Anti-static floor paint

    It can discharge static charges, prevent accidents due to static electricity accumulation, and shield electromagnetic interference and prevent dust adsorption. It can be used for various ground coatings that require antistatic. It is suitable for power plants, electronics factory workshops, pyrotechnic product factory, computer rooms, etc.

  • Anti-slip floor paint

    The coating film has a high coefficient of friction and has anti-slip properties. It is used for all kinds of floor coatings with anti-slip requirements. It is a kind of good floor paint that is in the rapid application and development stage. It is used for all kinds of ground coatings with anti-slip requirements.

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