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Building Paint

Coatings applied to buildings for decoration and protection are collectively referred to as building paint/building coating.

Building paints have decorative functions, protection functions and habitability improvement functions. The decoration function is the function of enhancing the appearance value of the building through beautification. The protection function refers to the function of protecting the building from the influence and destruction of the environment. Some buildings have special requirements for mould prevention, fire prevention, thermal insulation, and corrosion resistance.

The habitability improvement function is mainly for indoor coating, which is to help improve the function of the living environment, such as sound insulation, the function and classification of sound-absorbing coatings, and anti-condensation.

Building paints are divided into wall coatings, waterproof coatings, floor coatings and functional building paints.

Types of Building Paint

  • Application Of Exterior Wall Paint

    The exterior wall paint is mainly used to decorate and protect the exterior wall of the building, making the appearance of the building clean and beautiful, so as to achieve the purpose of beautifying the urban environment, so the outside colours of the building are of great importance. At the same time, the exterior wall paint can protect the outer wall of the building, extend the serving time, and obtain a good decoration and protection effect. Also, it can protect the exterior walls of buildings that have been exposed to wind, sun and rain for many years. They must have sufficient water resistance, weather resistance, stain resistance and freeze-thaw resistance to ensure a better decorative effect and durability. Whatever, the exterior paint of the building deserves our attention. 

  • Feature Of Interior Wall Emulsion Paint

    Interior wall latex paint is a type of coating that uses polymer emulsion as a film-forming material and is a type of water-based paint prepared by adding pigments, fillers and various additives to synthetic resin emulsion as the base material. Internal wall latex paint is one of the main decorative materials for indoor walls and ceilings. It is characterized by good decorative effect, convenient construction, low environmental pollution, low cost, and extremely wide application.

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