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Tianjin Jinhai Special Coatings & Decoration Co., Ltd.
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We promise, and perform it in a responsible manner, to increase the development and innovation of environmental-friendly, pollution-free and harmless products, to respect people and our environment.

  • Create a sustainable development direction for our enterprise

  • Provide a better working environment for employees with personnel growth space.

  • Introduce products of excellent quality, low pollution and pollution-free and harmless to the market

  • Personnel

    We are committed to abide by the basic principles of human rights and respect the human rights of all employees. We support free choice of employment. We try our best to provide employees with balanced working hours and to limit excessive overtime. Implement at least one day off every seven days (24 consecutive hours).


  • Health and safety

    We strive to create a healthy and safe working environment for our employees. Our factory employees will receive continuous health and safety training related to their work as required. Our manufacturing workshops are all under perfect management, and safe operation procedures have been established and actively supervised.


  • Environment

    Our goal is to continue to find innovative ways to reduce energy consumption, eliminate waste and reuse materials, minimize the impact on the environment, and take the path of sustainable development.


  • Management of hazardous substances and materials

    We perform proper management on waste, chemicals and other materials, which is essential to environmental protection and the health and safety of factory employees. We ensure proper management and control of waste materials, as well as the safe handling and storage of chemicals and waste materials, and reduce or eliminate substances that have an impact on the environment.


  • Community

    We support our local community academic and educational programs, environmental protection programs, cultural and artistic activities, and volunteer services. We actively participate in charitable activities in the local community.

    -In the community kindergarten, we brought the children all kinds of environmentally friendly and non-toxic PU toys, which is exported to the United States.

    -Visited the elderly widows in the community nursing home and donated fitness equipment to the nursing home.


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