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High Temperature Paint

For many power or energy facilities, chemical plants, and oil refineries, high-temperature paint / high temp paint must be used to paint the surface of high-temperature equipment, such as chimneys, flue ducts, boilers, heat exchangers, reactors, distillers, cracking furnaces, combustion chambers and engine exhaust manifolds.

The paint that can withstand temperature above 200°C for a long time is high-temperature paint, also known as high heat resistant paint. They can maintain certain physical and chemical properties so that the protected objects can function normally in high-temperature environments. It is widely used for high-temperature corrosion protection of equipment working at high temperatures, such as chimneys, exhaust pipes, high-temperature furnaces, and the aerospace area.

Types of High Temperature Paint

Features of High Temperature Paint

  • Alkyd resin coatings can be safely used in the temperature range of 60-121°C.

    Most thermoplastic resins, such as acrylic, styrene, chlorinated rubber and other chlorinated olefin resins, have relatively low heat resistance. Their actual use temperature is up to 80°C, and the coating will soften when the temperature is higher than 40°C. Organic resins such as epoxy and phenolic resins have higher heat resistance. Epoxy systems can withstand temperatures up to 60-149°C. If thermally cured or baked, phenolic epoxy resins can heat up to 260°C.

  • silicone resin

    Silicone resin has excellent thermal stability and oxidation resistance and is the most widely used resin for high-temperature paints. The combination of silicone resin and other resins can improve their heat resistance.

    Organic high-temperature resistant coatings can withstand high temperatures of 200-700°C. The coating film has good physical and mechanical properties, water resistance and electrical insulation, low hardness, and poor flame resistance. Inorganic high-temperature resistant coatings can withstand temperatures of 400-1000°C, with good coating hardness and flame resistance. The pigments of coatings applied at high temperatures must have good stability in the expected temperature range. The color of higher temperature coating formulations will be limited due to resin limitations and metallic pigments.

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