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Machinery Paint

The port is equipped with a large number of port machinery. According to the port's loading and unloading capacity and logistics mode, it can be basically divided into three categories: a) container and lifting machinery equipment, b) ship loading/unloading machine, c) gantry crane, floating crane, fixed crane.

Types of Machinery Paint

Two basic purposes of protective coatings for port machinery anticorrosive coatings

  • Protect the steel structure

    Protect the steel structure to delay the corrosion of corrosive media in the coastal atmosphere, and to extend the service life.

  • Decorate and mark the port machinery

    Decorate and mark the port machinery. According to the requirements of ISO12944-1, the anti-corrosion coating life of port machinery must reach a life of more than 15 years.

Features of Machinery Paint

  • Port machinery

    Port machinery generally uses inorganic zinc silicate shop primer, and medium or low zinc content shop primers are often used.

  • Anti-rust primer

    Anti-rust primer mainly uses epoxy zinc-rich primer, inorganic zinc-rich primer, and epoxy zinc phosphate primer. Epoxy zinc phosphate primer is mainly used on parts with less severe corrosion or on the surface of galvanized parts. The requirement for zinc powder of zinc-rich primer is above 80%.

  • Intermediate paint

    The intermediate paint mainly uses epoxy mica iron oxide intermediate paint and high solid epoxy paint. The most commonly used is epoxy mica intermediate paint, in which mica iron oxide can enhance the shielding effect of the coating film.

  • High-performance anti-corrosion finishes

    High-performance anti-corrosion finishes that are frequently used in port machinery include acrylic polyurethane topcoat and polysiloxane topcoat. Acrylic polyurethane topcoat is the most used high-performance topcoat for steel structures, and it is also the most commonly used topcoat variety in port machinery.

  • Galvanized parts and stainless steel surfaces

    For galvanized parts and stainless steel surfaces, it is not impossible to rust. Usually, double protection with galvanized paint on the surface of steel paint can protect the steel in longer-term. The most commonly used coatings are etched primer and epoxy zinc phosphate primer. Etch primer is used as the first layer of paint for galvanized parts. Epoxy zinc phosphate primer is also a primer specially used for galvanized parts. For stainless steel surface, epoxy zinc phosphate primer or other epoxy paint can be directly applied, but the surface is required to have a certain roughness.

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