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Harbor Paint

The parts and structures that need to be protected against corrosion in the harbor include steel pipe piles, port machinery and equipment, approach bridges, lighthouses, warehouses, oil storage tanks, and concrete structures. Here, the harbor freight paint is an effective way that is widely used in the process of production practice.

Types of Harbor Paint

Features of Harbor Paint

  • Steel pipe pile anticorrosion

    Steel pipe piles are a very important structure for the construction of seaport harbor and offshore facilities and are the load-bearing structure. The heavy-duty anticorrosive coating for steel pipe piles must be resistant to ocean-atmosphere, wave splash, seawater immersion and sea mud corrosion.

    The anti-corrosion of steel pipe piles can usually be divided into two parts: the above-water section and the underwater section, and the anti-corrosion design period is 20-30 years. Solvent-free paint or high-solid paint can be used for anti-corrosion on the above-water section. The coating should have good adhesion, corrosion resistance, weather resistance, abrasion resistance, and impact resistance. At the same time, the coating can adapt to the alternating wet and dry changes. In the underwater section, sacrificial anode cathodic protection and coatings are used to prevent corrosion. The coating used in the underwater section should be able to match the sacrificial anode protection, with good adhesion, corrosion resistance, potential resistance and alkali resistance. Among the heavy-duty anticorrosive coatings for harbor steel pipe piles, the main application types are epoxy coal tar paint, polyurethane coating, modified epoxy glass flake paint, polyester glass flake paint, and epoxy powder coating.

  • Concrete structure anticorrosion

    Concrete structures in a seawater environment are prone to structural damage due to corrosion of steel bars caused by penetration of chloride ions. The marine reinforced concrete that has been exposed to seawater and sea breeze for a long time is difficult to repair after being corroded and damaged, or even impossible to repair. 

    1) The anti-corrosion coating for harbor concrete structure should have good alkali resistance, adhesion and corrosion resistance, the primer coating should have good penetration ability, and the top coating should have aging resistance. 

    2) The anticorrosive coating used in the wet surface area should have moisture curing, abrasion resistance, impact resistance and aging resistance.

    The anti-corrosion coating system of concrete parts and components is composed of a primer layer, an intermediate layer and a top layer. Epoxy coating has the best anti-chloride ion effect. The primer coating is mainly epoxy resin sealer, epoxy resin paint is used as the middle coating, and the top coating is acrylic resin paint, polyurethane paint, or vinyl resin paint.

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