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  • Marine Paint
    Marine Paint
    Marine paints can be used on various parts of the ship to extend its service life and meet the special requirements.
  • Bridge Coating
    Bridge Coating
    The heavy anti-corrosion coating system is adopted in modern bridge anti-corrosion coating.
  • Pipeline Coating
    Pipeline Coating
    Pipeline coating is a general anti-corrosion and high-temperature resistant coating.
  • Engineering Vehicle Paint
    Engineering Vehicle Paint
    The coating of engineering vehicles can be used to protect the steel parts of the vehicle body.
  • Steel Structure Paint
    Steel Structure Paint
    The steel structure paint adopts the anti-corrosion coating system.
  • Hardware Paint
    Hardware Paint
    The baking enamel is the most commonly used anti-corrosion protective coating for light industrial hardware accessories.
  • Machinery Paint
    Machinery Paint
    The port is equipped with a large number of port machinery.
  • Chemical Plant Paint
    Chemical Plant Paint
    The cooling tower can be used in the chemical, petroleum, textile and medicine industry. A special coating system is needed to inhibit corrosion and prolong serving life.
  • Oil And Gas Facilities Paint
    Oil And Gas Facilities Paint
    The oil and gas facilities paint can be under high temperature and high pressure for a long time.
  • Offshore Paint
    Offshore Paint
    Offshore Paint can be used in the worst corrosive environment.
  • Transport Paint
    Transport Paint
    Road traffic marking paint can be used in the transportation field to draw road traffic markings.
  • Harbor Paint
    Harbor Paint
    The harbor paint can be used to protect against corrosion in the harbour.
  • Storage Tank Paint
    Storage Tank Paint
    The corrosive environment within the storage tank is mainly the medium stored in the storage tank.
  • Sewerage System Paint
    Sewerage System Paint
    The sewerage system paint can be used for anti-corrosion in sewage treatment facilities.
  • Industrial Waterborne Paint
    Industrial Waterborne Paint
    Waterborne anticorrosive paint uses water as solvent and thinner, which is non-toxic and odourless, has no risk of fire and explosion, and is not harmful to human health.
  • High Temperature Paint
    High Temperature Paint
    High-temperature paint can be used on chimneys, flue ducts, boilers, heat exchangers, reactors, distillers, cracking furnaces, combustion chambers and engine exhaust manifolds.
  • Building Paint
    Building Paint
    Coatings applied to buildings for decoration and protection are collectively referred to as building paint.
  • Floor Paint
    Floor Paint
    The self-leveling performance mentioned in the floor paint mainly refers to the topcoat, the primer and the intermediate coat are the same as other floor types.
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