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Drinking Water Tank Paint

Before the 1950s, drinking water tanks on ships worldwide were protected by cement slurry. It has proved that the cement slurry is very brittle after drying, and it is easy to crack and peel when it is subjected to shock and vibration. Tank walls often rust and pollute drinking water in less than half a year. Thus, it can be seen that the paint inside the water tank is really crucial to the guarantee of the quality of the water. Now the commonly used coating products are pure epoxy coatings and solvent-free epoxy coatings. There is rubber paint for water tanks, anti-fungal paint for water tanks, etc.. Urushiol coatings are not used much due to the relatively thin film formation of a single layer. Drinking water tank coating paint must be approved by the health department to be harmless to health before it can be used. Anyhow, there must be food grade epoxy paint for water tanks to ensure the quality of our drinking water. 

In order to meet the corresponding specifications, solvent-free epoxy coatings are currently widely used. Solvent-based epoxy coatings will release a certain peculiar smell during use. Solvent-free epoxy can be used for thick film construction, and the film formation can reach 200-500μm in one film. In the drinking water tank, two coats are recommended, with a total dry film thickness of 300-400μm.

Types of Drinking Water Tank Paint

Drinking water for two kinds

  • Method 1

    Temporarily protect the paint in sections.

  • Method 2

    Blast to ISO Sa 2.5 after launching, and then spray entirety.

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