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Cargo Hold Paint

The treatment of cargo holds depends on what kind of cargo is loaded, and the impact of mechanical loading and unloading on the coating must also be considered. If the cargo holds are for grains or other edible products, the paint used must be approved by the US Food and Drug Commission (FDA) or the same agency in other countries. The use of tar-containing paint products is strictly prohibited. The cargo/ballast tank is generally in the middle of all the tanks.

Types of Cargo Hold Paint

The coating system is mainly tar epoxy coating and modified epoxy coating with strong water resistance.

  • Chlorinated rubber coatings

    Chlorinated rubber coatings are not resistant to grease-containing cargo, and the coating will become sticky due to the increasing temperature of the cargo in the cargo hold such as barns.

  • High load resistance coating products

    Epoxy coatings, polyurethane coatings and zinc-rich coatings are typical coating products with high load resistance in cargo holds.

  • Epoxy and polyester coatings

    Epoxy and polyester coatings reinforced by glass flakes have strong abrasion resistance and can provide better durability.

  • Alkyd coatings

    Alkyd coatings are often used in cargo holds, but such coatings cannot be used for corrosive chemicals.

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