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Engineering Vehicle Paint

The coating of engineering vehicles is mainly composed of primer, intermediate paint and top coat. The primer is a paint used to protect the steel parts of the vehicle body. It has the characteristics of excellent corrosion resistance, good mechanical properties, and low toxicity, excellent protection for the substrate of engineering vehicle. Intermediate paint is easy to sand, good flatness, can improve the gloss and fullness of the top coat; the top coat has high decorative property. The appearance is bright, plump, and has good gloss and color retention properties.

Types of Engineering Vehicle Paint

Feature Of Primer And Intermediate Paint

  • Primer

    The primer is required to have good anti-rust performance, strong adhesion, high mechanical strength, saltwater resistance, easy to brush, easy to polish, non-sagging, suitable for a variety of coating methods, and has good performance with commonly used putty, intermediate coating and topcoat, convenient construction, low pollution and reasonable price.

    Commonly used primers:

    1) Epoxy zinc-rich shop primer is mainly used for the maintenance of steel plate or steel structure after shot blasting or sandblasting.

    2) Iron red epoxy primer has fast drying speed, excellent physical properties of the coating film, water resistance, strong rust resistance, and good adhesion.

    3) Epoxy zinc-rich primer has cathodic protection and is suitable for shot blasted or sandblasted steel surfaces.

    4) Polyurethane primer has excellent water resistance and seawater resistance, excellent abrasion resistance, excellent oil resistance and rust resistance, and tough paint film.

    5) Epoxy ester primer has a tough paint film, good adhesion, excellent chemical resistance, abrasion resistance, water-resistance and seawater resistance.

    6) Alkyd primer is with strong adhesion, good rust resistance, good seawater and oil resistance, good construction performance, and low price, but it has poor compatibility with intermediate coatings or topcoats with higher quality requirements.

  • Intermediate paint

    1) Polyamide epoxy intermediate paint is fast drying, water-resistant and with good rust resistance

    2) Epoxy mica iron oxide intermediate paint has high sealing property, heat resistance, corrosion resistance and weather resistance.

    3) Polyurethane intermediate paint has good physical, chemical and mechanical properties, and has good bonding force with the bottom layer and topcoat. It can increase the gloss and fullness of the topcoat.

    4) Epoxy polyester intermediate paint is with good physical, chemical and mechanical properties.

    5) Epoxy ester intermediate paint has the characteristics of fast-drying, water resistance, strong rust resistance and good adhesion.

Feature Of Putty And Top coat

  • Putty

    1) Polyester putty is with strong adhesion, fine texture, fast-drying, solvent resistance, no cracking, used for filling and filling of surface defects.

    2) Vinyl perchloride putty is quick-drying, hard, easy to sand, has excellent water resistance and oil resistance, but it is not suitable for repeated scraping.

  • Top coat

    1) Acrylic topcoat is with good adhesion, weather resistance, excellent gloss and color retention, durable paint film and corrosion resistance.

    2) Acrylic polyurethane topcoat is with excellent mechanical properties of the paint film, chemical resistance, excellent gloss and color retention, high gloss and good fullness of the paint film

    3) Polyurethane topcoat has excellent adhesion and abrasion resistance, high gloss, hardness, good weather resistance, no loss of gloss and color, and excellent chemical resistance.

    4) Alkyd resin topcoat has high gloss, good flexibility, strong adhesion, oil and water resistance, but poor weather resistance.

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