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FUXI ® Acid & Alkali Resistant Paint

Acid & Alkali Resistance Paints are available in a wide range of formulations, suited to different applications. The most common types are epoxy, phenolic, rubber and bitumen. According to the specific environment and condition, the specific alkali & acid resistant paint is chosen to use.  Epoxy-based acid & alkali resistant paint is used for internal facilities or concrete surfaces, and for industrial pipeline coating and floors. And for marine application or buried pipeline, bitumen acid and alkali resistant paint are mostly used. Phenolic paint is suited for acid gas and vapor. Rubber modified acid & alkali resistant paint is for acid or alkali water or moisture environment.

Types of FUXI ® Acid & Alkali Resistant Paint

Construction Requirements for Acid & Alkali Resistant Paint

This acid & alkali resistant paint is flammable and contains volatile and flammable solvents, so it must be kept away from sparks and open flames. It is strictly forbidden to smoke in the workplace, and effective measures should be taken to prevent the generation of sparks (such as using explosion-proof electrical equipment to keep antistatic, avoid metal impact, etc.).

The construction site should be kept well ventilated as far as possible. In order to eliminate the hidden danger of explosion during use, sufficient ventilation should be ensured to maintain the gas/air ratio not exceeding 10% of the lowest explosion limit. Generally, 200 cubic meters of ventilation per kilogram of solvent are required to maintain the lowest explosion limit of 10% working environment.

Take effective measures to prevent direct contact between the skin and eyes and the alkali resistant paint (such as using work clothes, gloves, goggles, face shields, and applying protective oil, etc.). If the skin comes into contact with the alkali & acid resistant paint accidentally, please wash thoroughly with water and soap or a suitable industrial cleaner; if your eyes are contaminated, please rinse immediately with water for at least 10 minutes, and seek medical attention immediately.

During construction, it is recommended to wear a face mask to prevent inhalation of alkali resistant coating mist and harmful gases, especially in poorly ventilated environments. Finally, please carefully dispose of the used alkali & acid resistant coating buckets to avoid environmental pollution.



Features of Acid & Alkali Resistant Paint

1. Protect the surface from all types of acids

2. Resist the corrosion of various acids

3. Air-dry paint

4. Heat resistance up to 300°C (570°F)

5. Single layer protection

6. Simple application method

7. Accurate composition

8. Extend shelf life

9. High purity

FAQ of Acid and Alkali Resistance Paint

  • What type of paints are alkali and acid resistant?
    What type of paints are alkali and acid resistant?

    Epoxy, phenolic, chlorinated rubber, coal tar paint and polyurethane all have acid & alkali resistance properties. In an alkali and acid gas environment, we choose polyurethane, chlorinated rubber. Coal tar paint is used for underwater or underground. Epoxy and phenolic will be used for substrate exposed in liquid acid and alkali.

  • For storage tank of acid, which paint is best for the interior of the tank?
    For storage tank of acid, which paint is best for the interior of the tank?

    FUXI® acid & alkali resistant coatings are, especially for the acid solution liquid and gas storage tank. Our anti-acid paints have good acid, alkali and chemical resistance. They can be resistant to 98% sulfuric acid at 100℃, and good for the storage tanks and other chemical equipment where the coating is to be exposed to acid, alkali and salt, and also used for the reservoirs, water tanks and sewage pools where the coatings need waterproofing.

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