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Boot Topping Paint

The boot top area is immersed in seawater, washed by ocean waves and exposed to the sun, and is also hit by floating objects. The coatings in the waterline area are required to have good water resistance, weather resistance, dry and wet resistance, salt spray resistance. The coating has good mechanical properties. Ships sailing in the ice zone must have strong abrasion resistance. Glass flake-reinforced coatings, such as epoxy glass flake paint, can be used. If a solvent-free type is used, the abrasion resistance will be very strong.

For ships with heavy loads or often under ballast, self-polishing antifouling paint can be used in the boot top area. The type and film thickness of the antifouling paint should be determined according to factors such as ship model, speed, sailing area, and docking interval. Asphalt anti-rust paint is usually used when boot top antifouling paint is used.

Type of Boot Topping Paint

Commonly used paint varieties in ship boot top area

  • Anti-rust primer
  • Chlorinated rubber antirust paint
  • Vinyl antirust paint /Vinyl asphalt antirust paint
  • Epoxy coal tar antirust paint
  • Epoxy or modified epoxy antirust paint

Top coat and boot topping antifouling paint

  • Phenolic boot topping paint
  • Chlorinated rubber boot topping paint
  • Acrylic boot topping paint
  • Epoxy boot topping paint
  • Polyurethane finish
  • Self-polishing antifouling paint
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