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Sewerage System Paint

The use of paint for anti-corrosion in sewage treatment facilities requires the selection of a protective paint system that meets the requirements. High build epoxy coatings, phenolic epoxy coatings, polyurethane coatings, polyurea and polysulfide rubber are widely used.

Types of Sewerage System Paint

Different Uses of Sewerage System Paint

  • Humid atmosphere, steel and concrete surfaces

    The moisture curing epoxy enamel can be used in a severely humid atmosphere, steel and concrete surfaces. On the surface of wastewater treatment facilities with moisture condensation, thick epoxy paints with good gloss and various colors are often used. In the outdoor atmosphere, the epoxy coating is overlaid with an aliphatic polyurethane topcoat.

  • High-temperature surface

    Silicone aluminum powder paint can be used on a high-temperature surface, which can withstand 150℃ to 540℃.

  • External slight corrosive environment

    In an external slight corrosive environment, the appearance and decoration are more important. Alkyd paint can provide many color options, economical and cheap, and easy to construct. Epoxy paint and aliphatic polyurethane paint can extend the service life of the coating. Water-based acrylic latex paint is used on the surface of the concrete outer wall.

  • Internal slightly corrosive environment

    In an internal slightly corrosive environment, the commonly used paints are alkyd paint and epoxy resin paint. Single-component waterborne acrylic latex paint is used for concrete walls. Epoxy top paint can be used for concrete floors.

  • Underwater environment

    For the underwater environment, high build epoxy paint and high build epoxy coal tar paint are the best options.

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