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Yacht Paint

Yachts can be divided into wooden boats, FRP boats, Kevlar fiber-reinforced composite boats, steel boats, and aluminum alloy yachts. FRP boats account for a large proportion. Racing boats, sailboats, and luxury boats use more Kevlar reinforcement materials. Aluminum alloy yachts account for a certain proportion of outboard motorboats and large luxury yachts. Steel boats are more than 35 meters. According to different materials, the types of paint used are also different, mainly divided into four categories: wooden yacht paint, fiberglass yacht paint, steel yacht paint, and aluminum alloy yacht paint.

Types of Yacht Paint

Performance requirements of Yacht paint

  • Performance requirements 1

    Generally speaking, yachts pay more attention to the pursuit of beauty than ordinary ships in terms of appearance, so the requirements for paint gloss will be higher.

  • Performance requirements 2

    Yachts are exposed to the sun for a long time, so the yacht paint must have better UV resistance than ordinary paint. Long-term exposure will not powder, not yellow, and will not fade.

  • Performance requirements 3

    The seawater resistance of yacht paint is better than ordinary paint, and it will not fall off after long-term soaking.

The matching solution of yacht paint

  • Matching of wooden yacht paint

    First, scrape putty or putty to fill the gaps and level the pits. The second course is a sealing primer (polyester sealing primer or acrylic sealing primer). The third is polyester topcoat, polyurethane topcoat, acrylic topcoat or nitrocellulose paint. The fourth step, high gloss varnish (option).

  • Matching of FRP yacht paint

    Choose the type of paint according to the material of FRP. There are three main types: high build epoxy topcoat, acrylic topcoat or aliphatic polyurethane topcoat. Generally, only one or two topcoats are used, and no primer is used.

  • The matching of steel yacht paint

    High build epoxy mica iron oxide primer (two coats) and aliphatic polyurethane top coat (two coats).

  • Aluminum alloy yacht paint matching

    The first course is epoxy zinc yellow primer (or phosphating primer). The second step is to scrape putty. The third course, polyurethane intermediate paint. The fourth course, aliphatic polyurethane topcoat (2 courses).

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