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Hull Paint

The hull is exposed to the sun and the waves, and the paint is required to have good rust resistance, weather resistance, impact resistance, abrasion resistance, and good color retention and gloss retention because it is the most important part of the ship's appearance. The marine boat hull paint/boat hull protective coatings is a really significant solution to the good protection of the hull.

Types Of Hull Paint

The topcoats used on the hull are:

  • Alkyd finish:

    Alkyd topcoat has good gloss, strong weather resistance, but hardness and water resistance are not very good, so it cannot be used as a topcoat in the waterline area. Silicone and acrylic modified alkyd topcoats are with outstanding weather resistance.

  • Chlorinated rubber/acrylic top coat:

    The chlorinated rubber topcoat dries quickly and has good adhesion with the chlorinated rubber primer. The paint film is tough, with good water resistance and resistance to alternating dry and wet performance. Good recoating performance, low-temperature construction, and easy maintenance. But its oil resistance is poor. The performance of acrylic topcoat is similar to that of chlorinated rubber, and the paint film is plump, with better color and gloss retention.

  • Polyurethane finish:

    The polyurethane topcoat film is hard and wear-resistant and has excellent chemical and solvent resistance. And it can be constructed at low temperatures. The aliphatic polyurethane topcoat used as a topcoat has very good weather resistance. The color and gloss retention performance is better than other paints. However, it is more sensitive to humidity during construction and curing.

  • Polysiloxane coating:

    Polysiloxane coating has excellent weather resistance. It does not contain isocyanate, can be applied in the thick film. It has low VOC and is widely used in ships and offshore platforms. Acrylic polysiloxane coatings are more decorative than epoxy polysiloxane coatings.

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