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Marine Deck Paint

The weather deck, deck fittings and freeboard parts are always in the salty and humid ocean-atmosphere, and are exposed to sunlight and often washed by waves. The coatings are required to have good rust resistance, weather resistance, impact resistance and abrasion resistance, as well as good color retention and gloss retention.

Types of Marine Deck Paint

Details of Marine deck paint

  • Wear resistant coating for bridge deck depends on resin based material

    The wear-resistant paint of the deck depends on the resin base material, in the order of wear resistance performance: alkyd paint < chlorinated rubber paint < epoxy paint < phenolic resin paint < polyurethane paint. Multi-purpose epoxy high build paint can be used as a self-priming coating. The deck is usually equipped with non-slip walkways, and the construction is actually relatively simple. Use special anti-skid sand, usually quartz sand (Mohs hardness of 7), emery, etc., which can be added to the topcoat and mixed and sprayed, or after spraying the primer, sprinkle the sand on while it is wet, and remove the excess sands away after drying, and then spray the topcoat.

  • The overall coating of HELIDECK requires high wear resistance

    The overall coating of the helicopter deck requires better abrasion resistance, usually, epoxy zinc-rich primer, high build epoxy paint, and epoxy topcoat are used. Epoxy glass flake paint and polyester glass flake paint can also be used. For the flight deck, the substrate treatment requires spraying aluminum and sealing it with epoxy sealant, and then apply polyurethane elastomer coating or polyurea elastomer coating.

  • Red and green are mostly used color on the deck

    Red and green are mostly used colors on the deck. The deck, freeboard outfitting, and the outer wall of the superstructure should preferably adopt the same coating system to facilitate construction.

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