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Characteristics and Classification of Polyurethane Paints

Pigments, solvents, catalysts, and other auxiliary elements, as well as polyurethane resins, are utilized as the principal film-forming ingredient. Polyurethane paint is the name of the paint.

Ⅰ. Characteristics of the polyurethane paint

1. The macromolecular structure of polyurethane paint after it has formed a film has a significant number of ammonia ester bonds and urea bonds, which determines the paint's exceptional wear resistance and high hardness. Because of the hydrogen bond and the presence of urea bonds under the same conditions of hardness, polyurethane paint has the highest elongation and best wear resistance when compared to other types of paint. As a result, it is widely used for floor paint, deck paint, aircraft skin paint, plastic runways, and road marking paint.

2. Polyurethane paint is a protective and ornamental paint that may be used to paint high-end furniture, pianos, and huge planes.

3. Polyurethane paint is extremely resistant to oil and chemicals. Polyurethane paint is commonly used in the inside anti-corrosion coating of most metal or non-metal oil storage tanks.

4. The adherence of polyurethane paint is excellent.

5. Polyurethane paint can be cured at high temperatures to produce a coating, but it can also be cured at moderate temperatures. It may also be cured into a film at 0 °C or even below 0 °C.

6. The electrical insulating qualities of polyurethane paint are outstanding.

7. Polyurethane paint comes in a variety of forms, including solvent, liquid solvent-free, powder, water-based, single cans, and others.

8. Polyurethane resin may be used with other materials to manufacture paint, such as polyester, polyether, epoxy, silicone resin, and so on. Various types of paints may be created to meet a variety of needs. Paint for automobiles, airplanes, and electric items, for example.

Ⅱ. Classification of polyurethane paint

1. Polyurethane paint is divided into three categories based on how it is packaged: one-component, two-component, and three-component.

2. Polyurethane paints are classified by their dispersion medium or form, such as solvent-based, solvent-free, high-solids, water dispersion, powder coating, and so on.

3. Polyurethane paint according to the coating curing method: self-drying (room temperature), heat curing (heat curing) (baking type).

Polyurethane paint is classified into five groups by the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) based on its composition and film-forming process.

1. Oil paints with a polyurethane modification (one-component)

2. Polyurethane paints with a wet cure (one-component)

3. Polyurethane paint with a closed surface (one-component)

4. Polyurethane paint with catalytic curing (two-component)

5. Hydroxy-curing polyurethane paint (two-component).

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