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The Difference Between Epoxy Zinc-rich Primer and Inorganic Zinc-rich Primer

Many users will have such doubts when choosing primers, which is better, inorganic zinc-rich primer and epoxy zinc-rich primer? What is the difference between the two? So let's talk about the difference between these two paints!

1. The difference between the application of epoxy zinc-rich primer and inorganic zinc-rich primer

In the anti-corrosion system of steel structure of multi-coating system, the performance of epoxy zinc-rich primer and inorganic zinc-rich primer is basically the same, and epoxy zinc-rich primer can be used instead of inorganic zinc-rich primer.

However, from the application point of view, epoxy zinc-rich primer is more versatile. Many large-scale steel structure anti-corrosion projects, such as the main stadium of the 2008 Olympic Games in China, the expansion of Beijing Airport, the expansion of Shanghai Pudong International Airport, and the Chaotianmen Yangtze River Bridge in Chongqing, are used. Epoxy zinc-rich primer for protection.

2. The difference between the properties of epoxy zinc-rich primer and inorganic zinc-rich primer

Inorganic zinc-rich primer is worse than epoxy zinc-rich primer in heat resistance, solvent resistance, chemical resistance, salt spray resistance, etc., but the flexibility and construction performance of the paint film are not as good as epoxy zinc-rich primer. 

3. The difference between the construction of epoxy zinc-rich primer and inorganic zinc-rich primer

Inorganic zinc-rich primer has some special requirements during construction, such as curing depends on high relative humidity, surface porosity, and requires spray technology.

The construction requirements of epoxy zinc-rich primer are much simpler, and the requirements for external conditions such as curing environment and relative humidity are lower; damaged areas are easy to repair, and the paint film is less brittle than inorganic zinc-rich primers , good flexibility, low requirements for substrate processing.

Epoxy zinc-rich primers and inorganic zinc-rich primers have their own advantages and disadvantages. In practical applications, they should be selected according to the anti-corrosion requirements. That's it for the difference between epoxy zinc-rich primer and inorganic zinc-rich primer! If you want to know more or have paint needs, please contact us!

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