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The Ratio of Epoxy Zinc Rich Primer and Curing Agent Diluent

In addition to the treatment of the substrate in paint construction, the ratio of various components is also very important. As a heavy-duty anti-corrosion project, epoxy zinc rich primer has high requirements for the substrate, and there are also requirements for the use of curing agent and thinner. If the ratio is not correct, it will affect the construction of the primer and seriously lead to the problems of the entire paint film. Today we will understand the specific ratio of epoxy zinc rich primer, curing agent and thinner.

At present, there are many types of epoxy zinc rich primers on the market, which are mainly distinguished by the zinc content. The standard dry film contains 70% of metallic zinc. This ratio of epoxy zinc rich primer is used for construction.

Ⅰ. The ratio of epoxy zinc rich primer and curing agent

The first is the ratio of the curing agent. There are some differences in the composition of epoxy zinc rich primers of different manufacturers and brands, and the ratio should be carried out according to the manufacturer's requirements.

As a two-component paint, epoxy zinc rich primer is usually a two-component price when ordering. The curing agent does not need to be purchased separately. Don't just buy the paint instead of the matching curing agent. Use your own Curing agent to prevent paint film problems caused by different paint properties.

Ⅱ. The ratio of epoxy zinc rich primer and thinner

In addition to the curing agent, an appropriate amount of thinner should be added during the specific construction to reduce the viscosity of the paint and make the paint film more uniform.

According to the difference of construction method, the proportion of thinner is also different. The epoxy zinc rich primer uses FX-7 epoxy thinner, if it is airless spraying or manual brushing, the amount of thinner is ≧5%-10%, air spray ≧5%. According to the viscosity of the paint, the specific amount of use is determined by the degree, and the specific amount needs to be increased or decreased according to the construction environment to consult technical personnel.

When adding thinner, do not add too much at a time, add slowly, stir slowly, and stop when the paint viscosity reaches the construction conditions.

The specific ratio of epoxy zinc rich primer, curing agent and thinner should be determined according to the specific construction requirements. If it is really unclear, consult the manufacturer first to avoid making mistakes and causing losses. If you have other questions, you can consult us.

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