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The Reason for the Poor Adhesion of Epoxy Zinc-rich Primer

Ⅰ. What is the reason for the poor adhesion of epoxy zinc-rich primer?

The structure of the molecular structure in the epoxy zinc-rich primer has optically active functional groups. The existence of this functional group makes the molecular structure of the epoxy resin glue and the adjacent pages cause electromagnetic induction adsorption or ionic bonding. Therefore, the coating of epoxy zinc-rich primer has strong adhesion to the surface of metal materials, wood, concrete and other plates.

Epoxy zinc-rich primers with shielding effect should have excellent wet adhesion, and such epoxy primers should completely penetrate into the fine gaps on the surface of the stainless steel sheet to improve the wet adhesion of the epoxy zinc-rich primer layer together.

The reasons for the poor adhesion between zinc epoxy primer and steel frame structure generally have the following aspects:

1. Whether the paint itself has expired, whether it is formulated according to regulations, and whether the proportion of paint thinner is appropriate.

2. The wall or material solution of the steel frame structure: clean up, no pollutants, and a certain surface roughness. Anti-rust treatment should expose the primary color of steel (near white);

3. Natural environment of engineering construction: 3°C higher than the leak point, ambient humidity below 80; temperature 15-35°C; less than 15°C, ultra-low temperature dry-solid type is strongly recommended.

Ⅱ. Common reasons for poor adhesion of epoxy zinc-rich primers:

1. In the wet and cold, low temperature, when the epoxy zinc-rich primer is applied in the project, there is a thin layer of shrinkage water on the surface of the steel, resulting in poor adhesion. This layer of shrinking water is invisible to the human eye.

2. The special tools used for storage are unreasonable, resulting in a smooth surface of the steel. The epoxy zinc-rich primer used has a high zinc powder composition and a small epoxy resin composition, so the adhesion cannot be qualified.

3. In the surface engineering of other incompatible paints, epoxy zinc-rich paint is applied, such as alkyd paint (anti-corrosion paint, blending paint, enamel) surface engineering construction of epoxy zinc-rich paint, epoxy resin organic solvent is dissolved Undercoating, and saponification of zinc powder and alkyd paint.

4. If the walls or materials suffer from environmental pollution, especially if there are oil stains, the adhesion of the epoxy zinc-rich primer will be poor.

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