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Three Reasons for Spraying Sagging of Epoxy Zinc Rich Primer

The reasons for spraying sagging of epoxy zinc rich primer are mainly divided into two categories: construction technology and paint ratio problems. What are the reasons for the sagging of epoxy zinc rich primer? Let's take a look together.

Ⅰ. Paint ratio of epoxy zinc rich primer

1. The reason why the epoxy zinc rich primer sags a lot is that the paint ratio is not suitable, that is, the ratio of paint and thinner. Thinner can reduce the viscosity of the paint. If the ratio of thinner is too large, it will cause epoxy rich. The zinc primer is too thin and sags during spraying.

Solution: According to the construction method, the amount of thinner is about 0-10%, general brushing, air spraying is up to 10%, and airless spraying is up to 5%. Add thinner in small amounts and multiple times to avoid adding too much at one time. Cause the paint to be too thin.

Ⅱ. Construction technology of epoxy zinc rich primer

1. When using a spray gun, due to technical reasons, such as high pressure of the spray gun, too close to the substrate, and slow spraying speed, the epoxy zinc rich primer film will be too thick to sag.

Solution: When using the spray gun, set the spray gun pressure in accordance with the specified spray gun pressure, and spray evenly to avoid stopping halfway. Determine the spray gun distance according to the nozzle pressure, generally around 30 cm.

2. If the temperature during construction is too low, it will affect the drying speed of the epoxy zinc rich primer paint film, and the paint film will dry slowly, and the paint will be affected by gravity and sag.

Solution: In general epoxy zinc rich primer construction, the construction temperature must be above 5 degrees Celsius. Try to avoid construction in low temperature weather.

3. Dirty treatment of the substrate and debris will also affect the adhesion of the epoxy zinc rich primer to the substrate, resulting in sagging.

Solution: The substrate should be cleaned and polished before construction.

The reasons for the sagging of epoxy zinc rich primer are basically these relatively common reasons. There are also some reasons for sagging in inconvenient construction locations and problems with brush selection. If you have any other questions, you can consult us, and our company will provide you with relevant information and construction instructions for epoxy zinc rich primer free of charge.

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