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What Kind of Paint Are There for the Supporting Facilities of Epoxy Zinc-rich Primer?

In the industrial production of anti-corrosion materials, the actual anti-corrosion effect of zinc-rich primers is recognized by everyone. If you want stronger maintenance of the board, the application of supporting facilities for architectural coatings is very important. So what is the paint for the zinc-rich bottom supporting facilities? Let's analyze it below.

Ⅰ. What is a zinc-rich primer?

Zinc-rich primer is a topcoat full of "zinc powder". The paint is based on zinc powder with cathodic protection effect to achieve the actual effect of maintaining stainless steel sheets. Zinc-rich primer is related to excellent anti-corrosion effect. In addition, Zinc-rich primers also have shielding and self-healing properties.

Common zinc-rich primers are: epoxy zinc-rich primer, inorganic zinc-rich primer, cold spray zinc paint. It is a kind of topcoat that is used a lot for anti-corrosion in industrial production.

Ⅱ. Why should the zinc-rich primer need to be painted with facilities?

No matter how good the zinc-rich primer is, it must have an ultimate supporting facility and a suitable engineering construction method, so that it can achieve the actual effect of high-efficiency anti-corrosion.

Generally, everyone will choose the method of middle paint + paint. The positive intermediate paint has strong adhesion and has the effect of connecting, because most paints have a certain acidity and alkalinity, and the reaction with zinc to form substances will cause the adhesion of the solid layer to decrease, so the zinc-rich primer should be prevented from The anti-corrosion paint is applied immediately, and a positive intermediate paint can be added to achieve a stronger practical effect.

Paint is an important part of the overall coating safety protection, and the regulations on the front paint must ensure a series of characteristics such as aging resistance, decorative art, and water resistance.

Ⅲ. Zinc-rich primer supporting facilities paint

1. Epoxy paint

The paint layer is firm, wear-resistant, good adhesion, alkali resistance, and excellent supporting facilities, but the outdoor aging resistance is not very good, and it is easy to peel off when exposed to the outdoors for a long time. It is a common paint for steel frame structures in rooms. 

2. Fluorocarbon spray/polysiloxane paint

It is an outdoor ultra-weather-resistant high-end paint, with an anti-corrosion period of up to 20 years, and a very good decorative design effect.

3. Acrylic polyurethane topcoat/cycloaliphatic polyurethane topcoat

The paint layer is firm and wear-resistant, with good adhesion, rich paint layer, good anti-corrosion effect, and moderate price. It is the most common paint in the anti-corrosion industry, with a service life of up to eight years.

Epoxy zinc-rich primer + epoxy resin micaceous iron intermediate paint + acrylic polyurethane topcoat are the most classic supporting facilities in the general anti-corrosion industry. The price is moderate and the actual effect of spraying is good.

4. Isopropyl titanate vulcanized rubber paint

The overall performance of isopropyl titanate vulcanized rubber paint is better, but the chloride ion content in isopropyl titanate vulcanized rubber paint is not conducive to environmental protection, and the application of construction projects is relatively small.

5. Construction plan of fire protection spraying project for steel structure

The most classic steel structure fireproof spraying project construction scheme: zinc-rich primer + epoxy resin micaceous iron intermediate paint + acrylic polyurethane topcoat

Construction plan of outdoor long corroded steel plate construction project: zinc-rich primer + epoxy resin micaceous iron intermediate paint + fluorocarbon spray paint/polysiloxane paint.

Summary: Each paint has its own unique advantages. According to the integration of spraying project construction and natural environment regulations, it is possible to distinguish which paint is more suitable. Only after a comprehensive analysis can an effective architectural coating commodity and its supporting facility management system be selected.

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