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What Should I Do if the Epoxy Floor Paint Does Not Dry?

Many people often encounter various problems when making epoxy floor paint. Among them, the non-drying of the floor paint is a problem. Let's analyze the reasons and solutions for the non-drying of the epoxy floor paint.

1. The penetrating primer of epoxy floor paint

It can also be said that it is the problem of substrate treatment. If the concrete floor is not properly treated or closed, there may be moisture, water vapor, and moisture seeping out, which will affect the drying time of the industrial floor paint for concrete.

Solution: After the substrate is cleaned up, use epoxy penetrating primer to seal and reinforce the ground. If it is a new concrete floor, it will take a one-month maintenance period to make it. Generally, it is sufficient to ensure that the ground is plump when the penetrating primer is used.

2. The air humidity of epoxy floor paint

In fact, it is the weather problem. Although epoxy floor paint is used indoors as interior epoxy floor paint, if it is summer monsoon weather and heavy rain every day, the floor paint is also difficult to dry, and the air humidity is too high.

Solution: Try to avoid construction in rainy and snowy weather, especially in the south, where the air humidity is high, and the humidity in rainy and snowy weather is even greater. Choose sunny weather for construction.

3. The floor paint ingredients of epoxy floor paint

It is the problem of the curing agent. This can be said to be the biggest problem. The two reasons mentioned above are at most prolonging the drying time, and if the curing agent is used incorrectly, it will not dry directly.

Solution: When you buy epoxy floor paint, the epoxy paint manufacturer usually mixes a good curing agent ratio. A large bucket of floor paint is equipped with a small bucket of curing agent. When using it, stir it evenly. Don't use less curing agent for saving. Moreover, it should be applied within the applicable period. The applicable period of floor paint with curing agent is generally 4-6 hours. Try to use it up within 4 hours, otherwise the paint will not be used and the effect will not meet the requirements, so don't allocate too much paint at once.

Summary: If the epoxy floor paint does not dry because of the curing agent, there is no need to wait for it to dry. Basically, it will not dry. You can only remove the paint film and do it again, so the use of the curing agent is the most important thing. If you have any other questions, you can consult us. Tianjin Jinhai Special Coatings & Decoration Co., Ltd. will provide you with the best floor coatings and related materials and construction guidance.

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