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What to Do when the Floor Paint Does Not Dry?

Floor paint has a wide range of uses. Floor paint is used in workshops, warehouses, supermarkets, stadiums, etc. to improve the decoration and anti-corrosion effects of the ground. However, during the construction of the project, some floor paints will not dry or dry slowly, which seriously affects the original intention of applying floor paint and the desired effect. 

Today we will analyze the reason why the floor paint does not dry and how to remedy it. And if you want information about durable floor paint or have other questions, you can consult us.

1. How to judge that the floor paint cannot dry?

The floor paint hasn't dried after construction, and many people don't know whether it is drying slowly or really unable to do it. In the actual construction, if the surface is sticky and non-drying 24 hours after construction, the floor paint will basically not dry. At this time, measures must be taken to remedy it.

2. The reason why the floor paint can't dry

In our construction case, the biggest and most common factor that does not dry the floor paint is the curing agent. Including the fact that no curing agent is added, the proportion of floor paint and curing agent is not correct, or the uneven mixing will cause the floor paint to fail to dry after construction. Other factors such as high air humidity will only cause slow drying at best.

Also pay attention to the air temperature, whether the temperature is too high or too low, the paint curing agent can not completely react, and it will also cause the situation that it cannot be dried. Therefore, you must pay attention to the curing agent when making floor paint. Use the two-component curing agent provided by the manufacturer and the ratio is correct. Stir evenly before construction, and the temperature cannot be lower than 5 degrees Celsius during construction.

Remedy: In fact, the floor paint has been unable to dry and there is no good remedy. Basically, the paint that cannot be dried is scraped off and reworked. If it is directly applied to the paint film that cannot be dried, it will easily cause the paint film to crack .

The reason why the floor paint can't dry is mostly due to the curing agent, so special attention should be paid to the ratio and mixing of the curing agent during construction. 

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