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Matching Scheme and Dosage Analysis of Epoxy Zinc-rich Primer for Oil Storage Tank

Epoxy zinc rich primer has good anti-corrosion performance in many occasions, and is the first choice for primer in general anti-corrosion schemes. Due to the particularity of the contents of the oil storage tank, special attention should be paid to the supporting scheme and usage amount when using the epoxy zinc-rich primer. Next, we will analyze the supporting scheme and paint dosage of using epoxy zinc-rich primer for oil storage tanks.

1. The supporting scheme of using epoxy zinc rich primer for the anti-corrosion of the inner wall of the oil storage tank

Since the contents of the oil storage tank are oily substances, special attention should be paid to the corrosion of the oily substances to the substrate, and the influence of other factors on the oily substances should be prevented, such as static electricity. Therefore, when using an epoxy zinc rich primer for anti-corrosion of oil storage tanks, an oil-resistant and anti-static topcoat should be selected.

Oil-resistant, static-conducting epoxy topcoat is generally used. Because it is used internally, an epoxy finish can be used. The primer of this scheme is an epoxy zinc-rich primer. It is recommended to apply 2 coats of 90 micron and 3 coats of 120um topcoat.

In addition to the above, in fact, inorganic zinc rich primer paint or epoxy primers that are also resistant to oil and static electricity can also be used. The specific scheme depends on the anti-corrosion requirements, but the scheme mentioned above is the most convenient for construction.

2. The supporting scheme of using epoxy zinc rich primer paint for the anti-corrosion of the outer wall of the oil storage tank

The oil storage tank is also divided into inner and outer walls for anti-corrosion, and the inner wall uses an oil-resistant and electrostatic-conducting topcoat. The outer wall should be selected according to the specific epoxy finish. However, most of the outdoor ones choose to use acrylic polyurethane topcoat, because this paint has good weather resistance and many colors, which are more beautiful.

In this scheme, one coat of 70-micron epoxy zinc rich primer can be applied, one coat of 80-micron epoxy micaceous iron is used as the intermediate paint, and two coats of 100-micron acrylic polyurethane topcoat are used.

According to the environment of the storage tank, the specific plan is also changed. If it is buried, it is best to use coal tar paint.

The use of an epoxy zinc rich primer for storage tanks is a common choice. It has good performance and convenient construction. However, the specific matching scheme still depends on the location of the storage tank. It is best to ask the manufacturer if it can be used. Our company will provide you with relevant materials and construction instructions for epoxy zinc rich primers free of charge.

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