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Selection of Epoxy Zinc Rich Primer and Analysis of Zinc Content Standard

The price of epoxy zinc rich primer paint in the market is uneven, and the manufacturers are also varied! So how do we choose a suitable epoxy zinc rich primer?

Ⅰ. How to choose epoxy zinc-rich primer?

1. Check the anti-corrosion requirements

Before purchasing an epoxy zinc rich primer paint, the anti-corrosion requirements, such as anti-corrosion effect, service life, use environment, etc., should be clearly defined. Then choose a reliable paint manufacturer, and the technician will recommend suitable paint according to the anti-corrosion requirements.

2. Check the zinc content

Epoxy zinc rich primers with different zinc contents have different anti-corrosion effects. If the engineering requirements are relatively high, it is recommended to choose the zinc content that meets your own anti-corrosion standards, so that the anti-corrosion effect is better!

3. Check the price

The price of epoxy zinc rich primer paint is affected by zinc powder. Generally speaking, the higher the zinc content, the more expensive the price and the better the anti-corrosion effect. However, the price of epoxy zinc rich primers on the market today is uneven, and some low-priced products may not have zinc powder at all, not to mention its anti-corrosion properties. Therefore, when we select, we should look at the third-party test report of the product to avoid being deceived.

Ⅱ. What is the zinc content standard of epoxy zinc rich primer?

When buying epoxy zinc rich primer, we have the same question that zinc content of 30%, 50%, 60%, 70%, national standard, enterprise standard, etc. are confusing! So what exactly do these standards mean? Then we will introduce to you several standards for the zinc content of epoxy zinc rich primers!

Zinc content refers to the zinc powder content of the epoxy zinc-rich primer! Different standard zinc content requirements are also different, for example:

1. BS4652 standard: 1995 stipulates that the content of zinc powder in the dry paint film should not be less than 85% (mass fraction).

2. American Steel Structure Painting Association SSPC-Paint 20 standard: inorganic zinc-rich paint not less than 74%; organic zinc-rich paint not less than 77%. The high zinc content in organic zinc-rich coatings is due to its poorer electrical conductivity than inorganic zinc-rich coatings. For the coating of the inner wall of the storage tank, the zinc content is required to be more than 85%.

3. ISO 12944-5 standard: 1998.5.2 provisions of the epoxy zinc rich primer paint, whether epoxy zinc rich or inorganic zinc rich, paint non-volatile part of zinc powder content shall not be less than 80% (mass fraction). Zinc pigment should comply with ISO 3549.

4. HG/T 3668-2000 standard: The content of metallic zinc in non-volatile components, inorganic zinc rich primers shall not be less than 80%, and epoxy zinc rich primers shall not be less than 70%

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