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Characteristics and Applications of Water-based Alkyd Coatings

With the development of industry, environmental issues have attracted more and more attention. Water-based alkyd paint has gradually replaced traditional solvent-based alkyd paint and has been widely used. Water-based alkyd paint is prepared by water-based alkyd resin, pigments, fillers, various additives, and deionized water. It boasts high gloss, good weather resistance, etc., and can be used for the protection of various metal substrates.

1. The characteristics of water-based alkyd paint

(1) Good environmental protection. Water is used as solvent and dispersion medium. The content of VOCs is low.

(2) High production and construction safety, no danger of explosion and fire.

(3) The smell is small, which is beneficial to improve the construction environment and personal health.

(4) The processing is low in cost and environmentally friendly. The construction equipment can be washed with water, and each ton of paint can save 400 kg of organic solvents, and the VOCs content is greatly reduced.

(5) Good workability, excellent leveling property, and it is easy to brush and spray.

(6) Good initial water resistance.

(7) Good appearance, high gloss, and good vividness.

2. Application of water-based alkyd paint

Water-based alkyd paint is a new type of environmentally friendly paint with a very wide range of applications. It is suitable for anti-rust coating of the metal substrate in scaffolding, grids and other steel structures, industrial equipment, machinery manufacturing, valve hardware, automobiles, ships, containers, railways, bridges, boilers, and other industries.

3. Precautions for the construction of water-based alkyd paint

(1) Before painting, remove oil stains, rust, old paint and other dirt on the surface of the substrate to ensure that the surface of the substrate is clean and dry.

(2) Use the grinding wheel to remove weld beading, spatter and hardened layer of correction part of fire work on the surface of the workpiece. All free edge sharp corners after gas cutting, shearing or machining should be polished to St3 level.

(3) Sandblast to Sa2.5 level or use the power tool for cleaning to St3 level, and construction should be carried out within 2 to 4 hours after sandblasting, depending on the humidity level of the construction environment.

(4) Brush coating, spraying, roller coating and other methods can be used for construction. The paint should be mixed evenly before painting. If the viscosity is too high, you can add an appropriate amount of deionized water, and the amount of water should not exceed 5% to 10%. Stir while adding to ensure that the paint is uniform.

(5) Maintain good ventilation during construction. Construction is not recommended when the ambient temperature is below 5°C or the humidity is greater than 85%.

(6) It is not allowed to work outdoors in rain, snow, and fog. If the construction has been carried out, it can be covered with a tarpaulin to protect the paint film.

(7) When the water-based alkyd paint is sprayed for the second time, the time should be 6 to 8 hours after the first time.

(8) At the end of the construction, the tools used should be rinsed with clean water immediately to prevent dryness. The remaining paint should be sealed and stored, if dry skin affects the use, it can be filtered with a 100-mesh screen before use.

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