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Is Epoxy Zinc-rich Primer an Anti-rust Paint?

Epoxy zinc-rich primer has good adhesion and anti-corrosion properties, and is a commonly used anti-corrosion primer. It is used in many heavy-duty anti-corrosion solutions. Some people ask whether our epoxy zinc-rich primer is an anti-rust paint? Today we will analyze this issue.

In fact, from the perspective of specific use, epoxy zinc-rich primer can undoubtedly be used as anti-rust paint. When we choose paint, we should not be entangled in names such as anti-corrosion paint or anti-rust paint, but just look at its use.

In the anti-corrosion of many metal and steel structures, epoxy zinc-rich primer is the main force of anti-rust. Although it is called anti-corrosion paint, it does not hinder its anti-rust performance. Moreover, the anti-rust performance of epoxy zinc rich primer is still very strong, and the chemical reaction of zinc powder plays a great role in the anti-rust of metal.

On metal anti-rust, epoxy zinc-rich primer will only consider cost performance, not whether it can be used as anti-rust paint. For corrosion in general atmospheric environment, iron red anti-rust paint, red red anti-rust paint or alkyd paint can be used, the price is relatively cheap, and it can also meet the general anti-rust needs. Epoxy zinc-rich primer is mainly used in severe corrosion protection, such as bridges, offshore platforms, storage tanks and other places with severe corrosion.

Epoxy zinc-rich primer for rust prevention should be used in conjunction with other intermediate paints and topcoats, not just primers. If you have other questions, please contact us.

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