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How to Repair the Damaged Epoxy Floor Paint? What Are the Common Methods?

Epoxy floor primer is widely used in the coating of industrial floors because of its abrasion resistance, pressure resistance, impact resistance, and anti-skid characteristics. However, in the process of using, some epoxy floors may be damaged. It is related to the construction, using, and maintenance of the epoxy floor. So how to repair it after epoxy floor primer is damaged?

Ⅰ. Classification of the damage of the floor primer

1. The epoxy floor primer has obvious scratches.

This situation is usually caused by customers who do not pay attention to maintenance and lack of floor knowledge when using the floor.

2. There are cavities, bubbles, cracks and other phenomena in the film of the floor primer.

This situation is often caused by improper construction of epoxy floor, and the problems have occurred in the steps of paint coating, drying, and curing.

3. The film of the floor paint is blackening, yellowing, chalking, shedding, etc.

The blackening, yellowing, chalking, and shedding of the paint film may be caused by ultraviolet radiation or chemical erosion.

Ⅱ. How to repair the damaged epoxy floor primer?What are the common repair methods?

1. point-filling method

The point-filling method is one of the more common repair methods, and most of the repairs of damaged epoxy floors will use this method. The point-filling method is simple and easy to master, and there are few materials to be used. However, there are obvious traces of repairing when using the point-filling method, and it also has a height difference, and the appearance is not beautiful.

2. Spraying repair method

The method of spraying repair can reduce the traces of repair, the amount of repairing materials is little, and the aesthetic degree is high; but the construction operation of this repair method is relatively difficult, because it requires professional spraying tools and high qualifications of constructors.

3. Overall covering method

The overall covering method is to renovate and repair the entire floor. The floor repaired by this method is beautiful, but the construction costs of materials and labor are high, and it is suitable for small spaces or areas with severe chemical corrosion.

4. FRP construction method

It is suitable to repair long cracks in buildings. The base layer of the cracks must be treated before repairing, otherwise the repairing effect will be affected. Cutting a V-shaped opening on the crack, using a vacuum cleaner to remove the floating ash, and then conducting the construction of primer, repair, and epoxy putty in order.

In summary, before repairing the epoxy floor, the customer should evaluate the damage first, then choose a reasonable repair method according to the needs. The repair work of the epoxy floor is tedious and needs to be completed patiently. If necessary, welcome to consult and we will provide you with the best floor coatings.

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