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The Difference Between Epoxy Zinc-rich Primer and Other Zinc-rich Paints

Ⅰ. Epoxy zinc-rich primer

1. Paint composition

The extremely fine zinc powder in the paint is used as an important anti-rust treatment color paste, and then a certain amount of aluminum silver paste and iron oxide red are added to improve the temperature resistance and avoid the production of zinc salts.

2. Engineering construction level

It is much more convenient than inorganic epoxy primer, and the engineering construction temperature level has some limitations like other epoxy zinc-rich resin coatings. Pipeline cathodic protection, good anti-corrosion properties, fast drying, strong adhesion and working ability, excellent impact resistance and wear resistance, and excellent oxygen cutting and electric welding properties. Strong adhesion of stainless steel sheets after sandblasting.

3. The scope of spraying

It is mainly used for temporary anti-corrosion maintenance of steel surface, and can also be used for ships, highway bridges, offshore platforms, steel frame structure anti-rust treatment finish paint, action parts of maglev train rails, marine safety passage steel chords, overpass construction steel bars, light rail station box beams, etc.

Ⅱ. Inorganic epoxy primer

1. Engineering construction level

Compared with the epoxy zinc rich primer, the engineering construction regulations are relatively high, and it has more obvious advantages in the aspects of high temperature resistance, water resistance, chemical resistance and electrostatic induction industry.

2. The scope of spraying

Inorganic epoxy primers are selected as safety protective topcoats for the production workshop topcoats commonly used in marine technology, ships, and large and medium-sized bridge factories.

Ⅲ. Water-soluble inorganic epoxy primer

1. Engineering construction level

Water-soluble inorganic epoxy primer is a kind of water-based organic solvent and paint thinner. It has no harmful volatile organic compounds, toxic substances and flash points. The harm to the construction team is significantly lower than that of the solution type. The pollution is small, the VOC is 0, and the risk of fire accidents is not easy to occur. It is relatively safe in the whole process of engineering construction, storage and transportation.

2. The scope of spraying

Oil storage tanks, oil storage tanks, organic solvent tanks, bilge bulkheads, deep-sea steel structures, highway bridges, chimneys, etc. At the same time, it can also be used as anti-rust treatment and high temperature resistant architectural coatings.

The above content discusses in detail the differences between several commodities that are both epoxy primers in terms of paint composition, engineering construction, and spraying industry.

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